Helping students to thrive via engagement, curiousty and learning


As a lecturer, I helped hundreds of college students in their academic journey. I taught mainly in three broad subjects:

Entrepreneurship, Strategy and General Management.

I go the best lecturer awards a number of times at different institutions and have always strived to make the students curious and interested in the material. I especially aim at helping them to understand how to apply the academic knowledge to their professional activities.

I strongly believe students need to engage to learn, thus, I strive to help bring about their curiosity and active participation in my teaching.

Below there is a list of courses I taught at the college level over the years.

For details on my academic career, check my current CV.


Introduction to Entreprenership,
Entrepreneurship & Business,
Introduction to Economics and
Financial Markets


Service Management and
Product Management

General Management

Introduction to Management, Quality Management, Marketing, Consumer Behavior, and Operations Management